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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 12, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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warming. now back to the contentious stuff. on twitter, the folks are weighing in on the libya situation. "the fact that the president and vice president would blame the state department show as lack of leadership." what do you think? let me know. have a great weekend. shear trace here for shepard smith. >>trace: the news begins anew on "studio b." the white house facing new questions of what it knew before last month's deadly attack in libya after the vice president said in last night's debate the administration did not know about requests for more security. that is despite the intense testimony in congress that the requests went ignored. who was the big winner? it depends on who you ask. we will show you what the polls show and what the showdown could meet as voters cast their
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ballots. >> hack attack. just as destructive as the attacks of 9/11, the secretary of defense out with a stunning new warning about our nation's cyber security. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00, the white house today defending vice president joe biden's comments on the deadly attack in libya that killed four americans including the u.s. ambassador. last night the moderator of the vice presidential debate asked vice president biden whether the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi was an intelligence failure and reminded him that officials had requested more security. the vice president gave the following response. >> we weren't told they wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security. at the time, we were told exactly, we said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they knew. that was the assessment.
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>>trace: early this week a top security officer in libya and national security guardman who led the security team said that he told the house of representatives committee that the state department officials denied the request for additional security in libya. remember that? today the white house press secretary carney said vice president biden was not referencing the state department when he said he did not know about the security request. >> he was speaking directly for himself and the president, he meant the white house. in over four hours the testimony, the testimony you referenced the other day, no one who testified about this matter suggested that requests for additional security were made to the president or the white house. these are issues appropriately that are handled by security professionals at the state department. that's what he was talking about >>trace: the attack killed the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans and marked the first assassination of a
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sitting united states ambassador in almost three decades. wendell has the news from the white house. republican complaints involved more than inadequate security at the consulate. >>reporter: they accusing the administration of misleading the public for a week by suggesting the attack grew from a protest against an anti-islam film made in this country. that film triggered protests in other arab countries including in cairo earlier on september 11th. in the debate last night, republican challenger paul ryan suggested the president blamed the film for the embassy attack. in a speech at the united nations, two weeks later, he blamed them. >> he went to the u.n. and said six times talked about the youtube video. look, if we hit by terrorists we will call it for what it is: a terrorist attack. our ambassador in paris has a marine detachment regarding him. shouldn't we have one regarding our ambassador in benghazi?
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>> there is a marine detachment at embassy in tripoli but not the consulate where ambassador stevens was killed. >>trace: wendell, each side now is accusing the other side of playing politics. >>reporter: republicans say that the administration underestimated al qaeda and tried to cover up the intelligence failure. there were a couple of attacks in benghazi before the 9/11 including at the consulate. the white house says republicans are trying to make the president take 9 blame for something that never rose to his level. >> the attack by in what is more likely a legal attack by republicans, in this case by congressman ryan, was to try to suggest that the president and the white house was responsible for assessing security at a diplomatic security in benghazi and of course as is appropriate, these issues are handled in the
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state department or by security professionals. >>reporter: wendell, live at the white house, also, secretary of state, hillary clinton defended the ambassador to the united nations, susan rice for complaining the attack in benghazi grew from a protest. recall that ambassador rice went on a number of sunday morning talk shows and said that preliminary intelligence indicated that extremists hijacked a protest over a low-budget video that mocked the prophet mohammed. today, secretary of state, hillary clinton said the white house doesn't, still, have a complete picture of what happened that night. >> ambassador rice had the same information from the intelligence community as every
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other senior official did. that's the very way that i'm answering your question today because we can only tell you what we know based on our most current understanding of the attack and what led up to it. >> several senior state department officials have said that they had never concluded the attack grew out of a protest over that anti-islam video. catherine, did we learn anything else from secretary of state, hillary clinton's comments today? >>reporter: she emphasized at a think tank in washington that no one wants to know more about what happened in benghazi than she does and the growing strength of extremist in north africa is a threat to national security of the united states. >> last month's violence revealed strains of extremism
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that threaten the nations as well as the broader region and even the united states. >>reporter: the secretary of state said diplomacy can only be practiced by being on the ground. >> the united states will not retreat. we will keep leading. well stay engageed including in the hard places of the world, hard places where america's interests and values are at stake. that's who we are. that is the best way to honor those whom we have lost. >>reporter: what i didn't hear was the secretary of state mentioned by name, al qaeda or the group that is a like-minded group in north africa blamed for the attack at the consulate. >>trace: you learned new information of the video that
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was taken from the consulate. what do we know? >>reporter: new details confirmed of the security camera video recovered from benghazi showing there was no demonstration when the attack unfolded at 9:23 p.m. the surveillance video is characterized as "limited and in places hard to read," with footage showing men in profile and efforts ongoing to match them to known jihadists. analysts questions whether they were militants or part of a protest. lawmakers are increasingly frustrated with their lack of access, made at the government oversight hearing on wednesday. >> i would like the committee to have the 50 minute tape before the press has it and we should have had it before today. >>reporter: two military sources say the attack may have been preemptive in an effort to push out any american influence in the area and specifically the growing presence of the c.i.a. at that annex.
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>>trace: thank you, catherine, from washington, dc. and joining us is official state department official and a principle at the consulting firm, d.c. international advisory. chris, you know the inner workings of the state department. the reason people believe, and the proper word is "being misled," you have secretary clinton saying we were trying to give you a play-by-play but we know 24 hours after the attack, our government knew that al qaeda in some capacity was involved in that and days and days went by before we heard that. >>guest: the story is changing. we had a drone that appears to have caught the end of the attack. all the information that was coming from the career professionals in government that this was a terrorist attack, were aware of this. the administration could be blaming them but is it the administration or the intelligence community that got it wrong? >>trace: the chain of command
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which we went over today, after last night vice president biden saying they didn't know they needed more security at the consulate. i will play you more of the back-and-forth questions from ed henry today with jake carney. >> it was never presidential daily brief or anything like that. >>reporter: i will not talk about the details. i am saying matters of how many personnel are assigned to embassies and consulates and other diplomatic facilities are not decided at the white house but the state department. >> look, the president and vice president didn't know this, we have all the consulates around the world, and they didn't know about this and the state department got telephone requests for more security. is it plausible? >>guest: there are certain details that would not make it to the white house but should be then to the national security council that advises the president. it is a question, what was the
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atmosphere set by president clinton's chief diplomat, hillary clinton, and are there marine detachments in places like beijing and paris and london but not where there are tremendous threats. >>trace: they are still asking questions a month later, and still leading the white house briefing and this is not going away. >>guest: this is a campaign that wasn't supposed to be about foreign policy but a month later, still at the top of the white house briefing and top of the state department briefing. as long as the story keeps changing, this will go through the election. >>trace: keep changing and we get different statements from different people. the state department was on a totally different page than the white house. >>guest: i think is. as we get more information from intelligence bureaucracies that will want to cover their own behind. we will see there is a bigger diverge ensure between fact and what is being said. >>trace: not going away. good to see you, christian. >> dozen dead and 200 people sick, now the company at thest of the meningitis outbreak could
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face some very serious legal problems. it look like the bosses are getting their lawyers ready. that is coming up next. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye.
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>>trace: the company suspected in the deadly meningitis outbreak could face federal charges with the total number rising to 184. 14 have died. texas has reported their first case. they say all of the victims caught the rare strain of meningitis from fungus tainted steroid shots typically meant to treat back pain. the mass pass-based company or compounding pharmacy has face add long list of safety complaints going back years but federal and state regulators say
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they did not have the power to step in. they are now calling on lawmakers to put new controls in place. yesterday, the massachusetts attorney general launched a probe into that company and a patient in minnesota became the first person to sue the firm for damages. jonathan has the news from atlanta which is the home of the centers for disease control. jonathan, what do we know of the woman behind the first lawsuit? >>jonathan: she lives in minnesota and while she has yet to receive an official fungal meningitis diagnosis, she was one of those patients who received potentially tainted shots to her lower back, a pain medication from the compounding center. after receiving the injection she had headaches and nausea for a week. this is a federal class-action lawsuit. it seeks unspecified damages against the new england compounding center for what it
12:17 pm
describes as emotional distress and medical expenses and bodily injuries for this woman and also for the other patients in minnesota who received the possibly tainted injections. trace? >>trace: we have mentioned the compounding pharmacies mix together their own drugs. have we heard anything from the pharmacy? >>guest: not much. we know theyhired a lawyer. he is a prominent boston criminal defense lawyer who specializes in health care law. this initial civil suit filed in federal court is on behalf of patients in minnesota. remember, there are now fungal meningitis cases reported in 12 of the 23 states that received shipments of medication believed contaminated so there could be additional civil suits. as you mentioned the massachusetts attorney general's office is investigating whether the pharmacy violated any state laws. the pharmacy's lawyer says the
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pharmacy is cooperating with state and federal officials in their investigation. he says as part of that cooperation he is following the policy of federal and state investigators not to comment on pending investigation. >>trace: we got a new bull lynn that a u.s. house of representatives is seeking information concerning meningitis from the same pharmacy. now more people want answers. thank you, jonathan, from atlanta. a taliban spokesman said a pakistani girl ignored warnings to stop pushing for equal rights so they had to kill her. here is a picture of the 14-year-old. the taliban hit a hit squad after her tracing her path from school shooting her in the head. she somehow survived with serious injuries. pakistani police today report that they have made some arrests in the case but we do not know many of the details. the prime minister today visited the girl in the hospital.
12:19 pm
he called shooting an attack on the country's core moral values." the attempted murder has sparked fury in pakistan. supporters have held protests, marches, and vigils and the teen was an outspoken advocate for girls' education rights and had been critical of the taliban. >> a new flare-up in the increasingly value it will slow down or showdown between turkey and syria. according to the reporting of reuters, turkey scrambled two fighter planes to the border with syria after a syrian military helicopter bombed a syrian town on that border. we cannot independently confirm this. this comes amid growing tensions between the two nations. yesterday, the prime minister of turkey said that a syrian passenger plane that his air force intercepted was carrying russian made military equipment and ammunition. russia reported it was only legal radar parts. russia, of course, is one of
12:20 pm
syria's remaining allies. >> who won and who lost the vice presidential debate. it depends on who you ask. our political panel weighs in on that next. the guy would flew into the united states carrying a small arsenal had a court date today. we will tell you what else the prosecution found they say is especially troubling in that suitcase. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf.
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with that huge smile on his face. today, the white house praised his performance. >> the president watched the debate. he thought the vice president did an excellent job presenting this administration's case, this president's case why we need to continue to move forward. >>trace: aides say governor romney calling his running mate to congratulate him on what he call add fantastic job, something the governor repeated today to supporters in virginia. >> you might agree with me there was one person on stage last night who was thoughtful and respectful and steady and poised, the kind of person you want to turn to in a crisis. that was the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan. >>trace: still not clear who voters picked last night as the winner. the pops from after the debate were mixed. a cnn poll found more people
12:25 pm
said that congressman ryan won, that is 48-44 percent but look at this, a cbs news poll of uncommitted voters showed that biden won by double digits, 50-31 with a sizable number saying it was a tie. snap polls like those represent fewers' gut reaction to the debate which can change over time. it is still not quite clear whether any of this will matter. in the past the v.p. showdowns rarely make a difference when voters ultimately head to the polls. john roberts with the news from richmond, virginia, are governor romney campaigned today. what dough we hear from the campaign today? >> well, not surprisingly we are hearing from both sides they won and based on the polls you just pointed out, they may be right. not surprisingly both sides are attacking each other over things that were said last night.
12:26 pm
obama campaign taking aide at romney saying they will cut taxes 20 percent across the board and paul ryan would not come up with details. >> we want to work with congress on how to achieve this. this means successful. >> no specifics? >> we saying lower tax rates 20 percent, start with the wealthy, work with congress. >> you guarantee this. >> absolutely, six studies have verified this math. report very to counter the attacks from the obama campaign, romney campaign pointing out the president's plan to raise taxes on the wealth of the americans who are race 710,000 jobs. >>trace: we talked about this libya thing, governor romney responding to the vice president's libya remarks. >>reporter: the romney campaign is going after the vice president about the comments on the benghazi consulate. particularly in light of what the state department officials
12:27 pm
testified to earlier in the week on the stump in richmond, virginia, governor romney says it raises a lot of troubling questions, new questions about the attack. >> when the vice president of the united states directly ton extra -- contradicts the sworn testimony of state officials american citizens have the right to find out what is going on. we will find out. >>reporter: the romney campaign going after the obama campaign for suggesting the only reason the murders are an issue is because romney and ryan are making it one. romney said the reason it is an issue is because an american consulate was attacked by terrorists and four americans are dead. trace? >>trace: thank you, john roberts, from virginia. our g.o.p. strategist and former texas political director for bob dole's campaign and a democratic
12:28 pm
consultant and former advisor to senators john kerry and ted kennedy. anthony, i don't know if you could hear this, if you look across the board here, it was either a draw or joe biden had a little bit of an edge in some of the polls. that is on content. on style the vice president got hammered for the smirks and the laughs and the smiles. >> this is important. he came across as a bully. in question. i stopped counting the interrupts at 40, i thought that was enough. he was aggressive. he could not defend the failed policy of the last four years. so he attacked. he interrupted. he chastiseed the moderator. it was very evident in body language and style he was like obama, they both thought they were above the debate and they issue not be there. it gives us "pause."
12:29 pm
>>trace: but at the same time the vice president was going to go out there and he was going to be aggressive and a lot of people are saying the smiles, the laughs, were part of his style or part of his whole push to be aggressive. >>guest: that's right. you need to understand three facts to understand the debate last night. we are 25 days from the election. two, people do not vote for president based on vice president. ultimately every presidential election is about trust. on those three points, joe biden did exactly what he needed to do last night. we are in the g.o.p. phase of the election and people are voting across the country. half the country has early voting and everyone has absentee ballots by joe biding firing up the base last night more people will go out to vote and it allowed the democrats to get a lift in the polls which shifted because of dampening enthusiasm after the first debate and less
12:30 pm
to do with undecided voters going to romney. >>trace: what about the laughing, inappropriate? was it inappropriate or fine in your view? >>guest: for the democratic base it was fine and that was the target audience. >>trace: anthony? >>guest: what we need to remember, he lied on libya and he was caught today than the is coming out with the state department, and we see it at the white house. if it is the president and the vice president who did not know libya is unsafe, they should know. of course we need security. the second thing, he is a bully. this is arrogant in keeping with the white house style. he was elected to the u.s. senate the your i was born and i am 40. this is what america has career politicians and congressman ryan is 42, a fresh face of new ideas opposed to adhering to the
12:31 pm
failed policies of four years. >>trace: we do not know if the vice president lied on libya, we are hashing that out. now, the last word, will it change anything in 25 days? >>guest: it is. you will have more democrats out this voting and biden set the stage for tuesday night for president obama to go after romney on a host of issues that ryan either changed his position on, has positions that voters do not agree with, contradicted himself, or would not explain. that is where the trust issue comes in. expect president obama to try to go after romney on all those scores. >>trace: got to go, both, thank you very much. >> the defense secretary panetta delivered a harsh warning about our potential for cyber attacks saying a future assault could do as much damage as the attacks of
12:32 pm
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>>trace: the defense secretary panetta sound add new alarm over growing attacks, sigh
12:36 pm
enattacks, on the united states because they could be as destructive as the terrorist attack of 9/11. it is not the first time secretary panetta has warned the united states means to do more to protect against the threat. but he did reveal new examples of how enemy hackers have targeted civil or critical infrastructure. speaking to a group of executives on an aircraft carrier in new york the defense secretary revealed that hackers recently targeted saudi arabia's oil and gas company with a virus calling it "probably the most destructive cyber assault the private sector has seen." >> this virus included a routine wiper coated to self execute more than 30,000 computers that it infected were rendered useless and had to be replaced.
12:37 pm
it virtually destroyed 30,000 computers. >>trace: the white house has been pushing congress to pass new legislation to fight the cyber security threat but last month, republicans blocked the effort that senator john mccain described as "red tape." jennifer griffin with the news from the pentagon. why did secretary panetta choose this moment to issue this warning? >>reporter: the secretary believes this is a pre-9/11 moment when it comes to the potential for a devastating sigh before attack. the real message was for iran. >> potential aggressors should be aware the united states has the capacity to locate them and to hold them accountable for their actions that may try to harm america. >>reporter: the pentagon is spending $3 billion a year on
12:38 pm
cyber security. >>trace: did he say which country was behind the recent attacks? >>reporter: he did not. based on conversations we have had with current and former defense officials, you need only read between the lines. >> iran has undertaken a concerted effort to use cyber space to its advantage. >>reporter: the denial of service attack on bank of america is believed a response to recent sanctions against iran's oil industry. the sigh before attack that struck saudi arabia's state oil company and struck qatar's natural gas producer are largely believed to have emanated from iran. the allies in the oil and gas industry were paralyzed after 30,000 computers were struck and wiped out files and network computers and replaced them with an icon of a burning american
12:39 pm
flag. >>trace: thank you from the pentagons jennifer. now like to vice president joe biden speaking fresh off his debate last night with paul ryan speaking in wisconsin talking about the withdrawal from afghanistan. we will see if he addresses the whole debate about libya. >> although he passed the ryan budget through the house of representatives, it did not become law which drastically cuts the budget across the board 19 percent eviscerating education and so many other things. he says, no, no, no, that is not a cut it is just a smaller increase. well, i want to tell that to your parents when they cannot take the $2,500 tax credit next year if they win. tell that to the 200,000 kids who have been kicked off early education. folks, on taxes, on taxes, if you go back and take a look, paul ryan is saying his budget really isn't a budget cut is
12:40 pm
like governor romney standing in the unemployment line and saying to a guy, i didn't outsource your job, i offshored your job. that's a distinction they make. they say, when i attacked-what i point out that governor romney who is a great businessman did it the bain way, the lowest wages, the cheapest community you can find, put in a factory and move there, the bain way, and outsource jobs offshore, they came back and said, no, that is not what he is doing. when i pointed out that the governor as go of massachusetts spent a call service --. trace we will keep listening in here, but if he goes back to the libya issue we will go back to joe biden. clearly he is talking about taxes. he was talking about the withdrawal from afghanistan. if he hits on libya we will dip
12:41 pm
back in and get his take on this. chris wall has joins me now the anchor for fox news sunday on your local fox station. we were listening in there, chris, because we expected the vice president would talk about the comments laugh night in libya which have gotten a great deal of attention. it was the lead question at the white house briefing today and it could be the lead question again on monday is it your sense the vice president who address this again or leave and it move on? >>chris: it is a per exception on the part of the campaign whether his talking about it adds fuels to the fire or did they need to put out this fire. the main point that the people are talking about is when he said, we didn't know about these warnings about a security before the attack on the anniversary of 9/11. what the white house is saying now is what he was saying "we," means he and the president.
12:42 pm
it is conceivable they didn't know, this did not rise to that level. saying "we" and meaning yourself and your secretary in your office, that is a closed way of discussing your responsibility when you are the president or vice president of the united states. most of us would think that is the administration. clearly the administration knew of the warnings because as we saw in sworn testimony at the congressional hearing on tuesday there were repeated warnings to the top security people in the state department by security people on the ground in libya that it was too dangerous and they need more people to protect the assets. some of the people who complained and asked for that were pulled out. they didn't get more they got less. so maybe he didn't know but the administration sure knew. >>trace: how damaging is this politically? we talked about this earlier.
12:43 pm
we are a month after the strike on benghazi 25 days before the election and it is topic one. is this politically damaging? so many people use the word "misled," whether it is true, they are using that word again and again that the white house is misleading the press and others. >>chris: actually, fox news was a lone voice in the wilderness for a long-term pursuing the story. i am proud of our coverage. it has built as the administration has fumbled and changed its story. first, the question of what were the advance warnings, what did they know before beforehand and second, and this gets to sues were rice appearing on my show and the other sunday shows five days after the attack they still said it was a spontaneous roast but we now know there was no protest. i understand confusion in the fog of war but how is it five
12:44 pm
day later we were talking about a spontaneous protest and we know it was never a protest. trace we knew 24 hours after there was a connection with al qaeda. chris wall has will have the heavy hitters this wreak -- week on fox news sunday talking with david axelrod and romney's senior advisor, ed gillespie this sunday. check your local listings and as always, thank you so much. new stats from the centers for disease control give a new idea of how our nation is aging. the numbers and what it means for health care in the future.
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12:47 pm
>>trace: fewer americans died from heart diseases cancer and alzheimer's disease among other common killers but life expectancy was the same overall according to a preliminary report from the centers for
12:48 pm
disease control and prevention finding among the top five killers, the delegate rate -- death rate only increaseed for breathing diseases including bronchitis. 2.5 million americans died, a record high in the history of the study but centers for disease control reports that is expected because the global population continues to grow. we have a doctor from the columbia university medical center in new york. good of you to join us, doctor. almost half of all deaths come from heart disease and cancer yet the deaths from heart disease are down 3 percent, deaths from cancer down 2.5 percent, and it is significant and the question is, is it because we are getting healthier or because medicine is better? >>guest: well, this is the 65-page document so if you want interesting bedtime reading you can read the full report on the web site, 2.5 million deaths overall in the united states and 47 percent of the deaths are the
12:49 pm
top two big killers and the report shows the death rates have come down for cancer and heart disease. we diagnosis patients with cancer earlier and the treatments have improved but we know with heart disease in particular, the time from the door to treatment for patients is much quicker so when you go to the hospital you get the help quickly and health care is improving. as well as the treatment. >>trace: but fewer of us die from heart disease and cancer but we keep getting heavier and heavier. we have this epidemic obesity in this country like never before. >>guest: but this particular report is looking at death rates with things like chronic conditions we also need to look at mortality and the effect on quality of life and not jest -- just death rates. we could see significant changes
12:50 pm
from the personals in the next few years. >>trace: are you saying because we are living longer, does it mean we are not as healthy and we are living longer and we have to rely on health care so as time goes health care costs are almost certain to rise? >>guest: that is inevitable. there is no question about health care costs rising. it is interesting that the same week this report has come out there is a report talking about increased risk of stroke in younger people. we are living longer but there is a lot in the way of problems with diabetes and high pressure, et cetera. >>trace: and it is interesting that kidney disease is rising. thank you, doctor. >> a big mystery after the fed said they found an arsenal of weapons in a suitcase of a man trying and they found something else on the suspect's computer.
12:51 pm
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>>trace: the guy accused of bringing an arsenal of weapons in checked luggage on a flight to california denied the defense request to release the passenger on bond. remember, officials say a security team caught him after he arrived at lax last week. he is what turn up in the luggage. a small grenade with potential to fill a commercial airplane. a gas mask. a biohazard suit. a hatchet. three leather coated billy cubs. handcuffs. body bags. among other items. a potentially disturbing development today because the prosecution revealed they found evidence on the man's computer
12:55 pm
suggesting he has a strong interest in sexual violence against girls. now live from the new york studio. it seems the man is only facing charges related to the smoke grenade. >> true. it is frightening arsenal but only the grenade is banned on aircraft, knives and hatchets and that stuff do not violate rules for checked luggage. what was the 28-year-old man planning to do with all that? he has reportedly not been cooperating. >> absent the device, you can travel with knives, hatchets and the other items. it is a problem in that these can be used to hurt people but there is absolutely nothing in violation of the laws or t.s.a. regulations. authorities found evidence he could commit acts of sexual violence against girls so for now that is enough to keep him on ice as a danger to the
12:56 pm
public. >>trace: they do not inspect all the checked bags so what tipped off security? >> he shows up to the airport wearing full body armor under his trench coat, a red flag, and he may have lied by deliberately concealing his arsenal when asked to amend his customs declaration. he may have transported the arsenal through airports in and out of the united states from south korea and japan which raises the question, why in the world wasn't this guy caught on all the prior flights both here and abroad. trace? >> it is a fair question to ask. live from new york, thank you. we will be right back. all energy development comes with some risk,
12:57 pm
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